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I love stories and I always have one to tell. Audio is one of my favorite ways to create and consume stories. I started a podcast in July 2015 called Hello Friend where I share candid conversations with my audience. My guests are people who are living their most awesome life and they are doers. I am a hardcore podcast and live broadcasting connoisseur and enjoys not only listening, but sharing information that helps people grow, reclaim, and own their personal freedom and power. 

I have a degree in Advertising Graphics and for over 15 years I was a graphic designer for non-profits, creative agencies, in-house corporate marketing teams and start-up companies. I have a deep passion for visual communications, graphic design, beautiful fonts and amazing paper. I have no shame in purchasing a magazine just because it was printed on incredible paper. It makes a difference, y'all! 

Photography is another way I share my stories. I am an award-winning photographer who loves the authentic vulnerability and strength of a great self-portrait. I lead a group called The Self Portrait Experience where participants create portraits where they are the main subject. 

I am a speaker and enjoy gracing the stage whenever I can and sharing passionate, motivating messages. I lead workshops on relationship building, photography, blogging, podcasting, building communities online, pitching for speakers and discoverability in a noisy world. 

I was born in Georgia and I'm a southern girl at heart. I throw down in teh kitchen, make almost everything from scratch, but I don't eat sweet potato pie. I love on myself,  love on haters and I have no problem calling out "hot mess" when I see it.